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This web site started with images of 179 Missouri Depots I had photographed. These photographs were taken in all kinds of weather, Summer and Winter, rain and snow. I went in the Summer by motorcycle and winter by car. At the time I was doing this, besides history, I also had Model railroading in mind. I photographed the depots in a way to help me use them to make model depots. I started chasing these depots in late 1979. It took me until the middle 1980s to make it to all the counties. I always asked permission to take photos when any one was around. I got challenged one time. We looked at each others I.D. and all was ok.

I have been very fortunate to be given access to the Artist William Bunch's Vast knowledge of Missouri Railroading History and his collection of pen and ink drawings, paintings, photographs and post card collection. That has enhanced this web site very much.

William Bunch is the very important 2/3rds of the website. Now, over half of the depot images on the site came from him and his collections.

Richard Napper was another very important contributor since the start of my website. Richard had the largest collection of Railroad related negatives I've ever heard of, over 100,000 Negatives. We miss him.

So far, a total of over 140 people have allowed me to share their collections. Without the generosity of these people, my Web Site could never have become what it is today.

P.S. to see how all this got started, check out Rhineland. also, check out my home town's depots at Rolla.

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